Their angular deal with and you will distinctly feline mannerisms distinguish your regarding the almost every other clients

Their angular deal with and you will distinctly feline mannerisms distinguish your regarding the almost every other clients

He’s got a thin generate and you can agile fingertips, best for plucking the new strings out-of his lute if the enjoy takes your

Vieri Barboro NE male 50 % of-elf Bard (thrall) Which aloof bard work senior dating sites within tavern and that is seem to viewed tuning good lute the guy rarely plays. Vieri’s wonders is the fact he or she is a beneficial spy as well as the actual manifestation of the fresh tavern’s fuel, and that extends to determine over time and you may area. While not a full time income creature, they are extremely partial to Hopes and dreams Get off-an incredibly addictive substance that makes distortions from feeling. Vieri try pallid having raven-black colored hair which he usually wears tied up straight back out of his deal with. Like other halfelves, he has a bit indicated ears and you may darkvision. He has steely gray eyes brought about by green blood vessels one to radiate across the his deal with. Vieri sells a wallet off Dreams Hop out you to replenishes in itself from the the end of daily. Vieri’s stats exists on the web page 234.

Bryn Harjolf provides the stats from an excellent knight. But not oftentimes they are in common dresses instead away from plate (Ac ten). The guy together with matches with his enchanted greatsword.

Weapon (greatsword), uncommon (need attunement) The fresh new wielder of blade growth +step one so you’re able to attack and ruin goes fashioned with which secret gun. In addition, if you are attuned to that gun, its pages price try enhanced because of the 5 legs and they’ve got advantage on step rolls. Curse. That it greatsword is actually cursed, and you may getting attuned so you’re able to it stretches the latest curse towards the attuned. For as long as new curse remains the proprietor is actually unwilling 223

Jarah is acknowledged for their sleight of hand, taught to the lady because of the Vieri Barboro

stylish. They are the most up-to-date attentive of your tavern, caught specific 40 years ago. He idolises people who wind up as this new heroes in his favourite guide.

Jarah try an old 100 % free Swords thug to own hire having an effective short spirits. She finds her captivity mundane and loves to admission the amount of time because of the gambling or doing sipping game. She hates Bryn and you may openly mistrusts your. When you look at the treat, she favors a two-given high axe one to she offers slung across the girl back.

Mouse is actually limited having his ages-that’s slight indeed, since an early halfling-with blonde, wild hair and you may a cherubic face. He has got brownish attention and you may a little indicated ears. He wears a couple of patched jeans which have suspenders and you will an effective sagging clothing, obviously made for a human son much larger than just himself.

Jarah provides a beneficial stocky build, and that’s the actual only real patron to stand large than simply Bryn. Because a 1 / 2-orc, she’s got greyish skin and you can an effective, protruding mouth, although remainder of the girl deal with are extremely female. She has a proper-muscled muscles regarding years of studies along with her greataxe, and you can a heavy black plait one she wears down the girl right back. Jarah has the stats away from a seasoned but she spends good higher axe in place of various other firearm (greataxe. Melee Weapon Assault: +5 to hit, visited 5ft., one to target. Hit: nine (1d12 + 3) slashing damage), that’s in accordance clothing most go out (Air-conditioning 11).

Aren Letter men human Thief Aren and his awesome three underlings is people in new Ebon Syndicate (all four feel the stats from an excellent spy). They really worth coin most importantly of all, and manage joyfully trigger one another for the ideal speed. It ticket the captivity by gambling and you can participating in other game of options, and always choice in order to win, possibly facing their finest judgement. Aren have a shabby appearance and you will rough articulation, probably the consequence of being increased inside the certainly one of theft out-of a young age. Aren was lean and you will quick statured from many years of malnutrition, but is believe it or not nimble toward his ft and you can a skilled lockpick. He’s lank brownish tresses and you can environmentally friendly attention, and you may a tat of your Hawk Moth icon to your their breasts. He could be tanned out of many years of taking on weird jobs to help you pay his way from towns out-of Etharis, and details other people that have a crude Well-known accent.